PFLAG Modesto
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An Important Message from PFLAG Modesto:

April 21, 2015


Dear PFLAG Modesto friends and supporters,


It is with no small amount of regret that we announce the closure of PFLAG Modesto following our April 21 meeting.


Over the last several years, the organization has faced a number of difficulties. We have seen declines in both membership and attendance at meetings, which have in turn led to challenges in finding and retaining volunteers to help manage PFLAG Modesto’s day-to-day operations.


Without a doubt, many of our difficulties can be attributed to the growing acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people within our community – something we take great pride in having had a small part in fostering. But the aforementioned challenges have reached a point where it is no longer sustainable to keep PFLAG Modesto open for business.


Since Norman Rostad and Linda Warden started this chapter nearly 22 years ago, it has gone through many changes and there can be no doubt that PFLAG Modesto has had a positive impact on Stanislaus County and the surrounding area. We have tirelessly advocated for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters who for too long did not have a voice, and we’re pleased to see their own voices are gaining strength and their allies are growing in number.


And we’re proud of the fact that our last public act was to support this year’s Rainbow Prom for area high school students as we have done for the last several years. We’re pleased to report that the prom will continue for years to come, since it is now capable of sustaining itself without depending on PFLAG Modesto.


In the next few months, the PFLAG Modesto board will go through the steps of closing the chapter. Rest assured that we will continue to do good things as we disperse our treasury to other LGBTQ advocates in the community.


On behalf of everyone who has ever walked through our doors looking for help, used our services and benefited from PFLAG Modesto, we thank our supporters from the bottom of our hearts. It is because of you that we have been able to offer help and support in this community for 22 years, and we hope you’ll continue to lend your time, money and voices to other LGBTQ advocates in Modesto and beyond.


In grateful solidarity,


The PFLAG Modesto Board of Directors